Truen Jaimes - Creative Director & Leather Artisan

Truen Jaimes - Creative Director & Leather Artisan

We forge American Made, artisan leather goods & accessories.  Refined skills & rebellious spirits guide all of our original creations.  At the intersection of technology & movement we forge rare forms that accommodate daily tech usage & an active lifestyle in our modern Midwest leather atelier.

Our atelier is designed with a dual production mentality, outfitted with state of the art industrial equipment & full artisan hand made work benches.  This allows us to create harmony between man & machine as well as gives us an arsenal of production techniques that produce the rarest & most original pieces.  

Our creations ship globally & are just as likely to be spotted anywhere from L.A. a to London & right at home on the charming streets of Savannah or little lake lined cities dotting the Michigan landscape.  

House of 5th was established by myself & two best friends, Audrey Hopper & Aron Christian, with an energetic synergy only present between best friends.  The house has evolved over the years into a family operated business fueled by my passion for creation, details, artisan quality, addiction to technology & a life of movement & travel.   

As a small business I take great pride in the quality of our product & experience we create for our customers.   Thank you for visiting & please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions,

-Truen Jaimes- | 317.410.7786