OS_1 Leather Belt

2016.12 - Bespoke leather belt.jpg
2016.12 - Bespoke leather belt.jpg

OS_1 Leather Belt

  • Genuine veg. tanned leather
  • Antique brass hardware
  • Hand saddle stitched with Fil au Chinois Lin Cable thread

*Shown in Fire Coral

Ships in appx. 1 week.  Standard size is 26 inches - 31 inches.  Request custom size in comment box. 

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Pieces designated OS_1 or Original Studio_1 are the first of their kind or custom pieces commissioned by clients.  Archived in our gallery some are available to order outside our stock collections.  Masterfully crafted in our modern Midwest atelier.  An artisans start out with genuine veg. tanned leather and hand cuts it to the specifications of our original patterns drafted in house.  Once cut our leather mark is heat imprinted.  Leather is surface dyed, by hand, with one of our 18 heritage colors.  All 18 heritage colors are formulated in our atelier and proprietary to House of 5th.  Once dried the color is sealed and dried again before liberally conditioning the leather to re-soften the grain.  Hand punched with the greatest attention to detail and hardware is then attached.  Each piece of hardware is sealed with a commercial grade metal sealer to ensure the piece is not just form, but also function.  Each stitch hole is hand punched and saddle stitched with the world's best leather thread, lin cable.  Once assembled the edges are cut again to ensure pristine alignment and stitches are hammered to tighten the holes around the tread.  Edges are sanded, burnished and hand painted approximately five times, each layer drying before the next application.  During the entire process the leather is formed several times to ensure the final shape.  Leather and hardware are white glove polished before packaging to ship.