Synergy, the spice of life!

Until recently I pretty much exclusively controlled how our artisan leather creations were publicly curated.  I think when you're as passionate about creating as I am you can become very guarded of how outsiders tell your story.  

If you had asked me last year how I feel about working with stylist I would have politely answered, I don't.  Like some new things in life I assumed it would be unnerving, but contributing to editorials & working with stylist this year has yielded some amazing energy.  I love juxtaposition & duality so in hindsight there is no real reason I should have dissuaded myself from trying projects of this nature...well, maybe just a few horror stories from fellow designers.    

That being said having stylist like Katie Marple, DaNisha Greene & Brittany Marie, to name just a few, pull for their work has created the type of synergy that I'm happy to welcome into my life & work.  

Equinox, published on Pattern Indy's site several months ago, showcases the work of Indy's growing fashion community.  I'm pleased to say that some of our Spring / Summer 2013 designs were featured in this spread.

So you're probably asking about now the purpose of this post?  Well, besides sharing some pretty pictures & Indy's growing body of work (psst check out this spread Fidamo did to catch some more SS13 Ho5 in action) it is that synergy is the spice of life! Shake it up & try something new this year!  Oh, & as always support small businesses, artist & #BuyIndyFashion...because you'll just feel better about yourself after you do!  -Truen Jaimes- ;) 


 Photographer - Anna Ziemniak

Model - Charde

Stylist - Brittany Marie

Hair - Holly Beasley & Amilee Smith

Make-up - Kate Shaw with Faces by Kathy Moberly

Apparel & accessories partially provided by EmilinerHouse of 5thMercurious DesignsNikki Blaine Couture, & Studio NTK